Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

I'm doing a little jig right least mentally! After a really awful week last week, I'm finally getting a break! I saw Dr. Ballet today, who had nothing but good news for me today! Peanut's enlarged spleen and liver that he saw last week, don't seem to be an issue now. He said that the spleen looks normal and not engorged, as it did last week, and that he didn't appreciate the amount of fat around the belly, which means that there is less liver and more fat- this is good. (We may just have a little fatty on our hands, and I'm ALL good with that!):) Plus, when he was looking at the ultrasound today, he said that if he didn't already know our baby has Down syndrome, he probably wouldn't have picked it up at all... Peanut apparently has less of a dip in the nasal bone than you commonly see in Down syndrome. And, just for a bonus...Peanut SMILED during the ultrasound!! I even have a picture of it!

I was also prepared to have to convince Dr. Ballet that the twice weekly testing was too much for me. All I did was mention that the schedule was a little tough on me, and he said, "Ok, how about we cut out both BPP tests, and only do 1 NST a week?" Fabulous!!! So, even though I do need to see him and my OB once a week, I might be able to do the NST during my OB visit and that reduces my visits from 4 times a week to 2 times a week! Woo hoo! And I didn't even have to "put my foot down about it." Yay!

After getting such great news, I picked up Christian from drop-in daycare and he was in a great mood (despite no nap!) He had made the most adorable bumblebee craft, with googly eyes, his hand prints as the wings and pipe cleaners for antenna. He was so proud of it! We met up with my Mom at the mall and got a little shopping in for some necessities that I'll need in those early days of newborn life. Then, the day finished off with Charles bringing me home some orchids for no real reason (just to celebrate a good Dr appointment) and he even handled the bedtime routine with Christian. So, it was a VERY good day and I am a very happy girl!

So, I'm off to try and kick the rest of this cold out of my system and get some sleep. I love ending today on a high note!

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