Friday, March 5, 2010

Aches and pains

(31 weeks pregnant)

I had a scare yesterday. I woke up in the morning and felt as though I was having mild menstrual cramps. This is one of the signs of pre-term labor that Dr. Ballet told me to watch out for. It was so mild that my body was saying "no big deal", but my brain was running every "what if" scenario and ticking through the over abundance of information that has rendered my intuition unusable. It is so frustrating- I used to know immediately when something wasn't right with my body. Now, I can't tell what's coming from my brain and what's coming from my intuition. I called my OB who immediately got on the phone with me and the first question she asked was, "Are you drinking enough water?" Hmmm...Probably no, actually. She told me to stop whatever I was doing, go home, put my feet up and drink a lot of water. I didn't immediately go home, but only because almost as soon as I started chugging water, the cramps went away. I've been drinking water like a fish ever since and haven't had that crampy sensation. When I Googled 'dehydration during pregnancy', it came up as one of the reasons a woman's body could go into pre-term labor. Scary. I see Dr. Ballet on Monday, and the appointment couldn't come soon enough. I got all freaked out about my dream from the other night...even though it seemed to be a strange and ridiculous dream, my baby in the dream came 9 weeks early, and yesterday marked 31 weeks (9 weeks early).

Today started out with a major side stitch pain that lasted about 45 minutes. Not fun. It was either gas or round ligament pain- it definitely didn't strike me as anything outside of the pregnancy norm. Dealing with that and trying to get Christian ready and out the door to go teach Stroller Strides (the Mom and baby fitness program I teach for) was really tough. The pain was gone before I got to the park to teach, thank goodness, or else I would've had to cancel the class. But after the worry from yesterday, the side stitch today and the Toddler-Mommy battles, I feel completely wiped out.

I think Christian is tuned in to me unlike any other human being ever has been. He seems to sense when there is trouble and he seems to be going through something right now...maybe that uncanny knowledge that he is about to have to share his life with another little guy. I don't exactly know what it is. Yesterday, I had taken him to daycare while I went to a client meeting, and then called to ask my Mom to pick him up so that I could get a rest before work. Apparently, he threw a big fit about wanting to see me when she went to pick him up. He's NEVER done that- he's usually happy to ditch me for his 'Nana'. He's also gone back to calling me 'Mama', which is sweet, but seems like some regression (He had only been calling me 'Mommy' or sometimes 'Mom'.) It's a weird thing to have this little person so in tune with my emotions- and apparently my former acting training is not hiding anything from him.

I hope I've had my share of scares and pains for awhile- I have a really fun weekend lined up and I want to enjoy it!!

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Marianne said...

Dear Jen,

Thank you for "randomly" running across my blog! We are in the midst of another round of gloomy, snowy weather here in Utah and I am sinking again! You know, my doctor was OK with tanning for short periods of time but I think I still am not. He did mention Vitamin D supplemnts but not the dosag,e so thank you for your recommendation. I will go down to my Whole Foods equivalent store tomorrow and see if I can find some as you described.

I wish you luck and blessings in your coming delivery! I am so glad your trouble was not serious and all seems to be well. I am the mother of 5 and never had a scare like that. Take care of yourself!