About "My Boys"

The central characters in my life and in this blog are:

Charles: My hubby and partner, who is never predictable, often eccentric and keeps me on my toes intellectually. He's a big man...and I don't mean in physical size (although, one could also say that he's big in size,) but rather big in character. Identifying moment: When we first got news of our baby's Down syndrome diagnosis, he held it together well and was always quick to remind me that we can't assume the worst...that he's still our baby boy and we'll love him no matter what.

Christian: My three-year-old firstborn. This little guy rocked my world and showed me how much my heart could grow. He's adorable, happy, smart...and a toddler...which means occasionally temperamental, wild, and...we'll say...passionate. :) Now that he's old enough to communicate well, it is a joy to get to see his true personality. Favorite quote of the week: (When confronted about jumping on his bed) "Mom! I'm exercising!!"

Elijah: The newest addition to our family, Elijah is just 4 weeks old as I write this. He is a cuddly little bundle of joy, who was officially named only one week prior to his birth. Before then, he was known and loved by all, as Peanut. We received a prenatal diagnosis, 20 weeks into my pregnancy, that Elijah has Down syndrome. He is my little warrior. Despite an overwhelming number of odds for medical complications before and at birth, he has managed to transition out of some of our major concerns, so far. How he spends his days: Sleeping, pooping, nursing and charming us. We are truly enjoying this easy going little bundle!

Buddy: May 1997 - April 2010. May he rest in peace. My Golden Retriever was my first "baby", and was one of the sweetest, most loyal dogs in existence. Even though he no longer lives in our house, he will live on in my heart forever, and that is why I still include him here. I am not ready to release him as one of "my boys" just yet.