Why I blog?

I used to journal. Whenever something difficult came up in my life, I needed a stream of consciousness, put to paper, to work out my feelings about it. So, when something changed in my life that was so much bigger than me and bigger than my recent coping methods, I turned to blogging- the journal of choice for many Mommy-on-the-go types like myself. The life change came in the form of a phone call- a call I never expected and wasn't prepared for...The Call told me 20 weeks into my pregnancy, that my baby has Down Syndrome. My baby, whose kicks I was already in love with, would be different. I cried about that a lot. I cried about his future. I cried because I didn't know better. But, I started to learn, and I began to get excited about different. I enjoyed the end of my pregnancy and my husband and I prepared ourselves for our baby's arrival, which came a little after midnight on April 20, 2010. We welcomed Elijah Patrick Currier, (7 pounds, 15 ounces, 20 1/2 inches long and sporting an extra chromosome) into our little family of me and my boys: Charles (Hubby), Christian (Toddler) and now Elijah (formerly known as Peanut).

This is my story.