Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Name!!!!

(37 weeks pregnant today)

We FINALLY have a name! After a little doubt as to whether my husband would actually commit to a name, we have agreed. Peanut will be now known as...
Elijah Patrick Currier

I like it. I even like the shortened version of it: Eli. I hated any shortened version of Christian's name, but in this case, Peanut kinda feels like an "Eli". I guess that can be our final decision when we meet him for the first he an Elijah or an Eli...

I'm getting really excited today. Butterflies in my stomach, excited. I taught my last ballet class until mid-June and work is winding to a close (Thank the Lord!) There is still a lot to do, and I know I'm being kind of anal about it all, but I just want to be able to enjoy Elijah as much as possible, without worrying that we have to clean this, move that, and set-up the other thing...We'll make it. I'm doing a huge push to finish the bulk of all of the "to do's" this weekend, then next week can be about relaxing, time with friends, and enjoying my last days as a "Mom-of-one"...oh... I just welled up at that. It's hard to imagine how your heart grows room to love two babies, when your heart feels as full as possible with just the one!

Christian seems to be settling into the idea of a baby brother coming soon. He talked about "baby brother" a lot today. He cleared a shelf in the bath for "baby brother" and said "Don't touch the Mobile (on the crib)- it's for baby brother." He also said a handful of times, how baby brother is coming soon and then he'll go with Davin (his cousin) and Aunt Tricia...and Mommy too. I explained that when his baby brother comes, I'll be at the hospital, but he'll have fun with Davin and Aunt Tricia (and Uncle Jake, and older cousins Garrett & Ciara) and then he'll come to visit us at the hospital. I am going to miss him so much during that hospital visit!!!!

My new friend, Kindred, had her baby boy!!!!! He is absolutely beautiful- extra chromosome and all! (Actually, it's pretty hard to tell physically that there is an extra chromosome!) I can't wait to meet them all in person! Unfortunately, there was a complication not related to the Ds, and he had to be transferred to a NICU unit for surgery. Kindred- if you get a chance to check in, please know that I'm praying for you and I just can't wait to meet your little Bunny! For any of you who believe in the power of prayer...and if you read my blog and have counted the number of answered prayers, how could you not?...please add Kindred, her hubby and her little guy to your list!

Well, I'm off to start packing that bag I never started yesterday, and to check a few things off my list before bed. Nighty-Night!


lori said...

love the name!!!! can't wait to meet Eli. hope he waits a week to make his debut appearance so mommy can rest. hopefully we can see you next week. :)

Laura said...

Just caught up on your posts. You are making me wish I had done this while pregnant with my babies, it is such a great record for them to be able to look back on one day. Anyway, I am thinking of you a lot today and wishing you all the best. I so look forward to meeting Eli! And watching his being unfold with your love.