Sunday, January 9, 2011

Yoga as a coping method

I think I have figured out why so many resolutions go sour...Everyone starts with the best of intentions and then the littlest, or in my case most painful, side effect occurs and whoops...derailed.  Better luck next year.

I made a commitment to Yoga yesterday.  Not just an inner dialogue about how I should go more often, but an actual, financial commitment and membership to keep me going and motivated.  With the ups and downs of Motherhood and raising two boys, I have often felt like I need to go running, screaming down the street or occasionally, am struck by the desire to pull out my own hair.  It's not just about wanting the pre-baby body back.  I want that. I do.  However, the more pressing issue is that of having a physical and emotional outlet for those difficult weeks and the ability to stay calm within them.  So, I started, as any sane, self-respecting not-at-all-yogi-like person would do: With a tough class, meant to "challenge" me.  I figured I could always modify or rest if it got too intense.  There was modifying, there was resting, and there were a couple of not-so-under-my-breath sarcastic moments of "Yeah, right!" I knew I might be in trouble when, by the end of the class, my arms would literally not support me anymore- despite all will and breath, my arms would not, could not support me.  I felt amazing until I got home.  I walked into the kitchen to wash my hands, looked out the kitchen window and saw a giant blue tarp strung across the neighbors backyard: about 12 feet high, like a curtain spanning the entire width of their yard and most of ours.  The jarring blue tarp was the final straw for me.  We have put up with this neighbor's constant construction, and even worse, pile of junk, that rises higher and higher and higher, sabotaging any type of calm and serenity we could create in our backyard.  I took a deep breath, reminded myself that I had JUST come from yoga class, and walked over to confront the neighbor.  Luckily, the neighbor assured me that it was just for the night- they would be having a party for their oldest son.  Great.  I walked back to our house knowing we would be putting up with some extra loud, Mexican folk/techno/R&B music til the wee hours.  That's ok with me.  I like to think that when we have OUR raging parties with the extra loud...When you're happy and you know it/Itsy Bitsy Spider Music, that the neighbors won't complain either.  Because let's face it, the only raging parties we've had in our backyard of late, have pretty much involved screaming toddlers, collapsing bounce houses, and photo shoots with Elmo (luckily no children were harmed in the process).  But, I like to keep my options open.  So, did the yoga help?  Not yet.  I found myself wound back up to "crazed" within a mere moments of being back home, but I'm hopeful. 

I woke up this morning with some knowledge that I would probably be sore, and decided to attack it head-on with another morning yoga class.  This time I took a much less "challenging" level class, but it was still an amazing workout.  I really liked this teacher and felt that I got a lot out of her class, but I am so sore I can barely lift Elijah.  Yes, Elijah...the one who barely gains any weight...can't lift him.  I'm that sore.  When I got back home, I decided naps for everyone (myself included) then something fun- we'd go to the park in the afternoon.  I should have know that trying to get my 3 year old to take a nap, or even just be quiet in his room on a day where I actually really needed to rest myself, was a recipe for yoga-implosion. I'll just say that there was yelling: from Christian, from me...back and between trying to rest and trying to make sure Elijah didn't get woken up.  Am I painting the picture of peaceful yet?  I didn't think so.  So...this yoga thing is clearly going to take awhile to kick in.  Meanwhile, maybe I'll get my pre-baby body back while I'm attempting to use yoga as a coping method.


After "naps"....we did make it to the park.  It was great to get out in the fresh air, with both boys, and just let them be


I put Elijah into a swing, and Christian insisted that he swing next to Elijah.  Remember how I can barely lift Elijah?  Well, Christian can't get into the "baby" swing by himself, so I somehow manage to lift him high enough to swing his legs in...only he seemed to go "dead fish" and was not cooperating at all to get his feet into the holes.  I'm tensely shouting saying, "Christian! Put your feet in!  Your feet.  NOW.  ...Today!!!!  ...Seriously??!!  For the love of all things Holy, get your FEET in the holes!!!!"  After a considerable amount of struggling, he was in.  I look up, and meet the gaze of an amused Dad, who simply says, "They don't fit in there the same anymore, do they?"  Yoga.  Yoga.  Yoga?  





Jessica said...

Do you live in my house? Seriously this is a post I could have written. Here is to hoping that someday we can both feel the calming affects of yoga. Namaste :)

Chris P-M said...

I took a yoga class through Oct-Nov and know that feeling of being sore! Funny, I had always been under the impression that yoga should be relaxing. It is also funny that I got stressed out about going because my schedule was so crazy (kinda defeated the point, you know?)

The pics of your sons are adorable :)

carrie said...

You forgot about the crazy loud book club we had in your backyard, woot!
I'm sore too, and yesterday was BAD, I had to take advil.
Hang in there, I too use yoga as my physical and spiritual workout, sometimes one overshadows the other. Hang in there!

skiingthroughlife said...

love the swing pics! awesome stuff! gosh Elijah is just beautiful... happy to stop by today and read up on your life... Hugs to you mamma

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