Sunday, January 30, 2011

Magic Mama

I spent a little time this last week worrying...and I've decided I'm done.  At least for a little while.  I've pulled myself back up by my boot straps and have decided that although Elijah's Physical Therapist has a good amount of experience from which she can make some predictions, they are just that...predictions.  She may very well be right, but she may very well be wrong.  The thing is: we won't know until it happens. Worrying about it isn't going to help me or Elijah. So, I'm done.  Plus, this week I witnessed some of the most interesting and beautiful interactions between my sons.  My heart literally feels as though it will burst when I see and hear Christian including Elijah in everything.  Last week when our Occupational Therapist was over, we were working on getting Elijah to use his arms to support himself.  He was mad.  He did not. want. to. do. it.  So, as all babies do, he cried.  He cried the "mad" cry (which I'll admit, does make me laugh just a little because of the intensity of his "mad"ness).  Well, Christian came into the living room, where we were working, and said with a frown on his face, "My brother is crying."  We explained that Elijah was just mad about doing his exercises and that he was fine.  He seemed contented by that answer and went back to playing with his Dad in the other room.  The boys are also both sharing their room now full-time.  It took me a little longer than I thought to fully transition Elijah to his crib.  He still fits in the bassinet and it's just so tempting to have him close...but the time had come.  He had no transition problems and Christian is especially loving the companionship.  Apparently even a little guy like Elijah can keep the scary monsters away... It makes me smile.  I am also amazed at how much ruckus they can each sleep through.  We have had times where each wakes up, making a LOT of noise, while the other continues to sleep soundly.  Truly amazing.



I'm pretty sure this was right after Elijah chewed on his hand and then grabbed Christian's face.  It was met with an, "Eww...Mommy, Elijah put his hand in his mouth and then touched me!"

At the end of this week, I was spent.  I was feeling completely burned out, and desperately in need of a break.  I had to barrel through without one until this weekend, but was able to get away for a yoga class on Saturday morning, a LONG overdue haircut on Saturday afternoon and then a highly anticipated book club/birthday gathering with some of my girls today.  We took a limo to Santa Anita Racetrack, dined at the Turf Club, discussed our thoughts and opinions of the recent book, and bet on a few horses.  Our winning horse?  Magic Mama.  Yep.  I won a whole $ was VERY exciting!!

The Lovely Ladies Book Club

Horse bets, a little bubbly. yummy food, and of course, fabulous hats...

The birthday girl. Happy Birthday, my friend- it was a joy to spend this day with you!

I feel so rejuvenated. I needed this day.  I needed a day to laugh with my girls, to act like we always wear fancy hats and big smiles and discuss books while driving around in a limo.  I feel like I got a little Magic back in this Mama, and I'm ready to go again.

Okay week, whatcha got fer me now?


Hailey Murray said...

You are a magic mama! And it wouldn't be the lovely ladies without you. Cheers to the friendships that keep us all sane. Love x Hal.

Jessica said...

We also have the same push and pull with our therapist, we actually have an appointment today that I am just dying to cancel but won't because my daughter needs it, right??

Sounds like you had a fabulous girls night out and so glad you had the chance to rejuvenate before another week began.

Happy Monday!

Lela said...

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I definitely found a group of mamas I could talk to and ask questions of after I had my daughter (she's two now), but I don't feel like they've risen to that level of Net that Kelle and you have... I'm sure if I called any one of them and said, "I've got this terrible thing happening and I need someone," they'd be there... but none of them would feel comfortable showing up to comfort me before I asked, because we're just not that close, you know? And none of them notice when I'm in that really down place I found myself in last week, maybe because I don't know them well enough to show them where I am, or maybe because they don't know me deep enough to see it.

Anyway, your boys are beautiful. I can't wait for those pictures between my big girl and my little boy! She was talking to her little brother in my belly tonight, and I already find that so sweet, but those smiles and that eye contact that your boys share- it's just beautiful. Perfect

I hope everything goes better than expected with Elijah's PT to come!

Bethany said...

I'm so glad you got a day away!! Can't wait to hang out in what, 6 weeks?!

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