Saturday, April 30, 2011

Musical Theater as a Positive

It was a big week.  Starting with Easter... The best news and the true spirit of Easter shone brightly because I've finally found a church that I think would be a great church home for me!!! I have been looking for a new church for quite some time and though I've met some lovely congregations, I had yet to find what I was looking for: Great teaching, great community, kids programs, and a balance between traditional and contemporary services.  I know it's a lot to ask for, and I was willing to compromise on the extras...mostly I wanted to feel like I was getting great teaching and a great community. I walked into this small church, with lovely architecture (just a small bonus), was greeted warmly at the door and took a seat in the crowded sanctuary.  The service began with a hymn, then moved to a contemporary far, so good.  Then the pastor burst out in song, a la musical theater style and had me at hello.  I need to preface this by saying that I have never been a fan of theatrics in church.  They often come across as embarrassingly awkward or overly professional and sometimes insincere.  This musical theater number did the balance just right.  It was homespun, yet cleverly written.  Everyone could carry a tune and the song was upbeat and fun.  I laughed out loud more times than I could count.  I mean, come on...what kicks Easter off better than a musical theater number at church?? Ha ha. The pastor's Easter service sermon was inspiring and engaging and I left feeling like I had found a home.  The cherry on top was the experience at the nursery. When I dropped Elijah off at the nursery, I noticed that all of the other babies were walkers. I asked if it was going to be alright that I leave Elijah there, since he didn't walk or even crawl yet. The nursery volunteer pointed to an Exersaucer and said, "Can he be in there?"  I said, "No, He's not strong enough for that yet, but he could be in the swing."  The other nursery volunteer looked skeptically at Elijah and said, "Is he gonna cry?"  I smiled and said, "I highly doubt it.  He's one of the happiest babies you'll ever meet."  The first volunteer offered to take Elijah from me, and as soon as she did, he melted right into her and her eyes got wide. " sweet...I may just stay like this the whole time. What a cuddler!"  By the time I came to pick him up, he was in the swing, with the volunteer sitting happily in front of him.  When she saw me she said, "I am in love.  He is the happiest baby I think I have ever met. What a doll!"  What Mom doesn't light up at hearing those words? I was beaming. It was the perfect start to a beautiful Easter and I couldn't have been happier.


Despite all of the birthday craziness, I managed to color a few eggs and pulled together a little Easter treat for my family: Little individually wrapped nests with a chocolate bunny and chocolate eggs inside. 


We celebrated the holiday with my family, and my Mom donned her awesome Grandma hat, and provided an egg hunt for the Grandkids.  


Though it's not the true spirit of Easter, who doesn't love an egg hunt?!

I have to wonder if turning one lit the fire under Elijah's milestone ticker, because this week has been a doozy!  We started the week with his one year well-baby check up and he gained 1 pound, 2 ounces and grew an inch and a quarter- yay for growth!! Monday night, he was fussier than normal and I thought it was perhaps due to the shot he had gotten at the pediatrician's office earlier that day.  I gave him a little Tylenol, put him to sleep and thought nothing of it until the morning.  Randomly, I ran my finger in his mouth and...voila! Finally- after one full year, Elijah has his first tooth!!!!  Well...technically he has the start of the first tooth.  He has a teeny tiny little sharp nub that has broken the surface.  I can't even get a picture of it, much less see it, because either his tongue is covering it or his lips are covering it and I can never quite get a glimpse.  But it is there. First tooth.  It's a big deal. :)

Later in the week, Elijah decided to add scooting and waving to his repertoire.  I got a video of the scooting. Uploaded it to You Tube. And...the entire thing is filmed sideways. So frustrating.  My phone camera only allows for videos that are filmed by holding the phone horizontally.  I had forgotten that small detail and now will have to re-create the entire scooting sensation!  Hopefully if Elijah cooperates there will be video to come!  The waving is about the most adorable thing I've seen, but it is elusive. Can't get a picture fast enough, can't get a video.  But boy is he proud when he does it!!  I shriek with joy each time I get him to wave and he is getting more and more confident with it.  It has morphed into a two handed wave- with both hands waving at once and I love it! New tooth, scooting to get to his toys, and waving hello- what a way to start out year one!

Unfortunately, Charles has been really sick lately.  He finally took some time to get to a doctor and was diagnosed with Walking Pneumonia on Thursday.  I have to tell you that I am a little terrified.  I'm trying not to be.  Trying to keep my cool, but I can't help worrying about Elijah.  Children with Ds are in an immuno-suppressed risk group.  Their chances of getting sick and staying sick are much higher than most.  Yesterday Elijah had a fever of 101.2.  Nothing too scary, but coupled with a small, infrequent cough, I'm keeping a vigilant watch.  Ironically enough, Elijah's shot on Monday was for pneumonia.  I don't know if that means it put him more at risk or less right now.  If it weren't the dozens of Moms I know who regularly fight the battles of constant infections, viruses and immuno-related issues with their kids with Ds, then I might not worry.  Infectious disease specialists & hematologists seem to be par for the course and I'm terrified of it all.  Elijah woke up today in good spirits, ate a great breakfast, has no fever, but does seem a little more tired than normal.  Breathe in, breathe out,  I'm telling myself.  If Christian had these symptoms I wouldn't think twice.  With Elijah, I do have to think twice, though.  Often it won't be anything, but I know as his Mom, thinking twice is going to come with the territory a little more than it does with Christian.

Birthday season continues and tomorrow if everyone is well, we'll be joining good friends in wishing their one year old and four year old happy birthdays! (Well, I'll be there no matter what as I'm coordinating the party for them, but I'm hoping my boys are there to enjoy it too!)  We're also quickly approaching Christian's birthday.  The invitations have been sent and he is counting down the days...Is it tomorrow? Is it Saturday? Is it next week?  We're doing a "Fancy, Pool, Costume Party" for him.  If you're familiar with Mo Willems book, "I Am Invited To A Party" then you know all about it.  The book was a favorite of Christian's and the concept is brilliant: What do you wear to a party when you don't know what kind of party it is? All of it, of course! So, we're working on finding Christian's fancy, pool, costume outfit and he's really into it.  Yesterday he tried on a leopard party hat (with ears) that said, "Party Animal" and some over-sized adult polka dot glasses and declared, "I want to wear this to my party Mommy!"  I love my son's sense of humor.  I love that he has a sense of humor.  And I'm thrilled that we crack each other up.  He starts laughing, then I start laughing, then we're both laughing because the other one is laughing. I find myself appreciating Christian as a person these days, and getting little glimpses of a true big boy.

Putting my fears aside, and trying to focus on the positive. The awesome week of milestones we had.  The fun I'm having with Christian.  Our first full year with Elijah.  And maybe it's because of the musical theater influence at my new church, but I find myself humming the tune to "One" from A Chorus Line.  Interestingly enough, if you change the "she" to "he" it is strangely appropriate for my littlest man. And THAT is the positive.

One singular sensation, every little step he takes
One thrilling combination, every move that he makes
One smile and suddenly nobody else will do
You know you'll never be lonely with you-know-who

One moment in his presence and you can forget the rest

For the boy is second best to none, son
Oooh! Sigh! Give him your attention
Do. I. really have to mention..... He...... is...... one. 

I added the periods and note holds, cuz if you're gonna write it, you gotta write it like you sing it. Right? Write.


Dee said...

Just found your blog. It would be impossible not to fall in love with Elijah. He's absolutely beautiful!

thea said...

Keep meaning to mention that as a result of your post, I've been singing this song with far more regularity then I'd care to admit. I think your word change is very fitting too :)

P said...

One pound!! Yippee! No tendency for sickness here but Benji does get congestion here and there, hoping Elijah shares this health with Benji and others with DS.

Infections are a worry and certainly higher risk so we can and will be cautious but it is also not an assured fate like some physicians think.

P said...

The church sounds super too, I hope it works out nicely in the long run!

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