Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dancing with Elijah

I talked in my last post about how Elijah was riveted upon watching some live dance at my dance studio's Holiday Party. Well, tonight I caught some video of him dancing with me- it is a joyous thing to be a part of to say the least! Be still my former dancer's heart. I had to share: (Don't forget to pause the music player at the bottom of the page!)

I hope that makes you giggle, because it was certainly contagious on my part. This season has been so much fun with him. Even though I've noticed a little return to "jelly legs" in regards to his standing (Our PT thinks it's a temporary set back due to a growth spurt), he is continuing to reach new milestones each week. This week saw him under the Christmas tree with ornaments in hand- proud expression on his face: "Look what I have Mommy!!" Then, there is the unwrapping gift Ninja moves: He climbs under the tree, on top of the packages, and unwraps those he can figure out. Gift bags don't stand a chance, and gift tags are easily and happily removed! It's hard to stay firm about the antics, because frankly it's so darn adorable.

Last thought of note: After Charles finished filming the video of Elijah and I dancing, I played it back. Elijah grabbed the camera, pulled his face in a little closer, then pointed at us and looked up at me, as if to say, "There we are!!" He was mesmerized. It was kind of surprising because he isn't interested in the television at all. I guess the TV is not as exciting when Mommy and he are not on it.

I've always loved dancing, but it has a new, sweeter meaning now that I can share it with my boys...


Laura said...

That didn't make me giggle, that made me verclempt! What a beautiful moment.

P said...

Cutest video ever!! Oh my goodness! Great core workout for him too or head & shoulders strength. I love the unwrapping presents fun too. What a sweetie!

Bethany said...

omg that was freakin precious!! he is still such a baby! love! merry christmas, girlie!

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