Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Life goes on

My life has been a series of unexpected shifts, where I have had to continually check and adjust my expectations.  About 2 years ago, I got the news that my baby boy would be born with Down syndrome, a genetic (read: happens on the gene level.  Does not necessarily mean hereditary.  Just thought I would highlight that often misunderstood conception.) condition which causes mild to moderate intellectual disabilities and developmental delays, which affect things like gross and fine motor development and speech delays. Frankly, I thought my life as I knew it, was over.  I was willing to go for the challenge, but with a saddened heart, thought that all of the hard work I had put into starting my own Event Design and Coordination business would be laid to rest.  I know...maybe it's silly.  But, that's what I thought.  And when I stepped away from all of the random and impersonal Google information I could find, and started connecting via blogs, to real-life families, I started to realize that these people have lives.  They even have big, successful careers in some cases.  I was surprised by that...and hopeful.  I got a shred of hope that I wouldn't have to entirely retire my beloved business. 

Now that my little guy is almost 18 months old, I realize that life isn't all that much different than it was before.  There are some changes- some changes to schedule and more than anything, some changes to perspective. But, ultimately having a business with a baby who has special needs is...well... exactly like having a Baby while having a business.  The special needs part is simply like a few extra appointments on the calendar. I make time for 3 therapy sessions a week for Elijah, and starting next week, that is jumping to 5 therapy sessions a week.  For now, they come to our home and work around Elijah's schedule, so it's not especially disruptive to his general schedule.  I like this time- it's quality time with Elijah, time to learn new tricks from our therapists and a great outlet for me. I realize that these therapists are not technically there to council me, but they "get" what I'm talking about, and that's nice.

My thoughts about how having a child with special needs would define my life are on my mind, because I've had a big week for my business.  A colossal week for my business.  I've taken on a business partner who I know will have as much passion and work ethic as I have had and I am no longer running this one woman (and a few assistants) show! I can actually look forward to the future of the company and begin to put the ideas and dreams I had for it's future into play.  Prior to this week, my brain stopped at how I was going to squeeze a single extra task into my schedule. I used to wonder how and when my dreams could possibly come to fruition when I was doing it all. by. myself. ??? I'm beside myself with excitement.  I have help, I have people I trust, and I'm energized to get it all under way!  We're also starting a blog, which I'll announce to the readers here, so you can follow our progress if it interests you and maybe even get some inspiration for some of your own parties.  Another good friend of mine is going to help me manage that and infuse it with lots of creativity and inspiration, in addition to sharing what fun, new events we've been up to.

Well...that is all for now.  My head is spinning.  I have new logos and fonts on the brain. I have plans for the future on the brain.  I have...too much on the brain and need to work to shut it off for a little while.  Does this happen to you?  The brain spin??  What do you do to calm your brain and settle down? 

Mama needs to get some sleep.... :)


Anonymous said...

so happy to hear about the exciting news!!! can't wait to see what develops. if you ever need any help, let me know. lori

P said...

Calming music or old not at all calming favorite songs!! Dancing for you I'm sure and get outside - to beach or green trees if you can but walking down the street is good too. Hot shower/bath?

But I tend to be too excited for those remedies at first...

Go go go! So very exciting! Best of happiness and peace as you go in all business and personal realms.

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