Monday, June 21, 2010

The Living room dance

Being a Mom, it's easy to forget that I'm a dancer at heart. But, when I really need a release I turn to dance. Often, I wait until I have the house to myself, then close the blinds, turn down the lights, turn up the music and I call it The Living Room dance. Mostly because...well, it takes place in the living room. It has the most space and it's just that private express-yourself-and-not-be-judged kind of thing. When I had Christian, I invited him into my Living Room dance. I turned on some great jazz music and he giggled with every waltz and jump I did. Now that he's a little older, he knows the drill...even down to the little chasse step I can do with a baby in tow. Tonight we inducted Elijah into the Living Room dance. He was a quiet participant, but I took that as a nod of appreciation. In babyland, if they are not crying, I think it qualifies as a nod of approval. And then he fell asleep...which DEFINITELY means he loved it!! :) I LOVE this time with my boys!!! It's really something to watch your oldest get such a sense of joy out of moving his body and to see your youngest lulled into a content trance by it. It's the little moments like these that make me so appreciative of the life I have.

The journey that I'm on with both of my boys is going to unfold slowly...sometimes slower than I want, but I'm going to savor each moment. Even though I find each new age for Christian a unique challenge, he is such a sweet boy and I find my heart so often brimming with pride- his recent successes in potty training and when he remembers to say "please" and "thank you" without a reminder. Then, there is my sweet Elijah...I can't put my finger on why he is so sweet. There is just something about him. I can't wait to get to know him better.

I've been trying to make a little time for just Elijah and I, where I read or sing to him. I received this beautiful book of a compilation of poems and lyrics put together by Julie Andrews. I've been reading it to Elijah and getting a giggle myself from some of the contributions. One that struck me today that I wanted to share is a great perspective on Faith:


You said to us, your arms outstretched
- a golden boy of three,
"I'm waiting for a butterfly
to come land on me."

Your dad and I were worried
We exchanged a little smile.
"You know," Dad offered tenderly,
"that might take awhile."

"Try again," I added,
"when the bushes are in flower..."
But still you stood there, motionless,
for what seemed like an hour.

"How about a game of catch?"
Dad hoped he could distract,
"After the butterfly," you said,
with confidence and tact.

We knew, as grown ups do, of course
this dream could not come true-
the tears and disappointment
would undoubtedly ensue.

Yet suddenly, from nowhere,
just the way you had foretold,
Her Majesty appeared
and settled lightly on your shoulder.

Your smile extended ear to ear.
You looked at Dad and me.
She flexed her lovely orange wings,
and you said, simply, "See?"

-Emma Walton Hamilton

So, tonight, I am trying to focus on the childlike faith that incredible things happen for those who believe...

...And just as illusive as that butterfly, I caught the smile...

One of our Living Room dance songs, "Louella" by Marcia Ball is on my playlist for your listening pleasure!

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P said...

And if we keep our hope, we can do most anything! Great poem, thanks.

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