Sunday, August 25, 2013

First Grade

First Grade. It sounds so...Big. Christian started first grade last Monday and so far, so good (Unlike last year when "Day Four" happened.) Here are some of Christian's statements from the first week of first grade:

Monday: The day is longer and there is no free choice. :( (Independent play in the classroom.) I got a stamp for good behavior! I lost my lunch box.

Tuesday: We had art today and we worked on drawing our faces. I'm not finished with mine yet. I got a stamp for good behavior! Mom, I'm so, so sorry, but I lost my lunch box.

Wednesday: We got to go to the library today and check out a book!!!! I got a Lego Star Wars book!! I got a stamp for good behavior and you are going to be so happy- I remembered my lunch box today! (Me: Where's your water bottle? Him: Oh.)

Thursday: Guess what?! We got to do some Free Choice today and I got another stamp! I lost my lunch box. Again. I'm really so sorry.

Friday: I lost my backpack. It's just GONE! (It wasn't gone.)

Sooooo....short of the fact that I'm going to have to staple his lunch box to his body next week, I think things went pretty well. And the good news is that when you lose your lunch box on the very first day of school, there is NOTHING ELSE at the Lost and Found. Nothing. Except your son's lunch box, placed lovingly in front the empty coat rack. With his name on the front. Yes, everyone: Only this Christian kid with the Flames Lunch Box has needed to use the Lost and Found this week.

First Day of First Grade Collage
My handsome First Grader, who gets bigger everyday, but still wants his pet "Leo" in the picture.

Christian and one of his friends from school- they were so happy to see each other, even though they aren't in the same class this year.

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