Wednesday, June 5, 2013


My last post was crazy long and I didn't want to wrap up all of the drama of that with one, beautiful, major milestone that we recently celebrated: My firstborn turned Six. I'm not sure when it happened, or how it happened, but my little guy is turning into a big kid with big ideas. Christian has blossomed this year and I think I'm gonna like "Six". I watched him with an amused smile today as he played the role of big brother with Elijah. Elijah would pull up a chair, climb onto it and then pull himself on to the top of George's dog crate with an accomplished grin. Christian would say in a sing-songy voice, "No, no, no, Elijah! Danger! Danger!" Then would come over, grab him safely under the arms and lift him down to the floor. He'd turn around to go back to the tacos he was eating and Elijah would giggle mischievously, and then lighting quick, would repeat the climb. They did this over and over while I watched with a smile, amazed at the little "game" they were playing and that Christian knew how best to pick up Elijah and was strong enough to do it. Christian has grown so much and accomplished so much this year that it kind of boggles my mind. Exactly one year ago, I was actually questioning his readiness for Kindergarten. Yet, he easily rose to the challenge- working out social complications and speeding through the newly learned academics. We can no longer plan entirely for him. He has a mind of his own and wants to give his input. He was quick to tell me that he wanted to have a Pirate Birthday Party this year. So, Pirate Birthday Party we did.


Finally the old chest that has been hanging out on the side of our house, has a purpose! (Don't tell my husband I said that. Then I might have to admit that sometimes the stuff I often think is junk, is actually kinda cool... Shhh.)


Treasure chest centerpieces from my business' Pirate Collection, a handkerchief table runner and color coordinated paper goods set the scene in the backyard.

Christian's 6th Bday1


Lots of beverages were on hand. (Adult versions too!)


I had fun with my signs...

Christian's 6th Bday3

Plus, the best pirates EVER showed up to entertain the kids!!





The treasure box could only be opened if a Birthday Boy was around. Christian to the rescue!!



My nephew and niece were game to handle the Pirate Face Painting and Tattoos. It was a blast to have my family involved this way...and they did a really good job!! Thanks Garrett and Ciara!!!!!

Christian's 6th Bday6

The piece de resistance was the Pirate Playship that Charles built. This is something we have been talking about since Christian was a baby. A fancy catalog came in the mail one day many years ago, and it had the most beautiful Pirate Playship that I had ever seen in it. Buying it was not even a consideration. The price tag? $52,000. (Yes!! Can you imagine??!!!!) Charles boasted when he saw that, "I can build a Pirate Playship and mine will be BETTER!" :) Well...his is better in that he made it, it's entirely made from recycled parts and it is a 100% love, sweat and tears effort. And the kids.....LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christian's 6th Bday2

Christian's 6th Bday7

There was a pirate pinata and even pirate themed gifts...

Christian's 6th Bday5

And finally, the cake!! My Mom (Christian's "Nana") made a couple of cakes that were a big hit!


It's been almost a month since the party, and so much has happened in between that time to distract me from posting about Christian's Birthday. However, as I look back at these photos and remember the squeal of the kids having fun, Christian insisting, "It was the best day EVER!" and how much fun we had sharing this day with Christian's friends, it warms my heart. It's these moments that need to be cherished. Even as life spins around us- distracting us from moment to moment.

Six. It's a "big kid" number.

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