Thursday, April 25, 2013



How is he THREE??!! My sweet Elijah turned THREE on Saturday. The time has flown and although he has given me a little more time to savor him as a baby, because of his developmental delays, it has still gone lighting fast. It seems as if overnight he has become a Toddler. Although he is still not independently walking, he is sooooo close and he is soaring in so many areas. He wants his independence, he manages to communicate his needs and he has quite a sense of humor.  We threw a party for him at Gymboree Play and Music.  He LOVES music..and play, for that matter, so the theme I thought up? Music and Play. Of course! :)

Some of the party details: I started with the idea of a VIP backstage pass as an invitation...

Elijah's 3rd Birthday Collage3

Mailed it off... (But tried multi-tasking too many things at once and never got invitations out to two of the most important guests- my own nephew and one of Elijah's "besties"...)


I created a fun eating area with Electric guitar centerpieces that I made, and made use of existing Gymboree colors (while adding some other shades of blue) in our plates, utensils and linens- blues, purple, black and orange!

Elijah's 3rd Birthday Collage1


I purchased straw cups for all of the kiddos, because that is what Elijah uses and created a party favor inspired by my little man. We gave bags filled with a toy vibrating microphone and a CD of Elijah's favorite sing-a-long songs.

Elijah's 3rd Birthday Collage2


The rest was all about play and enjoyment. It was fun to see the kids having so much fun!

Playing with Daddy...

My adorable Nephew made it to the party, despite the unmailed invitation :(

Circle time...

Paying attention...

Big brother getting in on the play action!


He loves the parachute!!

It was the perfect end to an anxiety ridden week. At the age of three, kids who have a diagnosis of developmental delays transition from receiving services through an organization in California called "The Regional Center" to services that are provided through a child's school district. We are in the Los Angeles Unified School District. We've been getting such amazing services for Elijah that the transition is a bit like owning a fully loaded Mercedes and then being told: "Here is your brand new Pinto. Oh! And by the way, we're not entirely sure if it will run. And the air conditioning doesn't work. Plus you'll have to kick the door to get it open..." the end of the day, both a Mercedes and Pinto can get you from point A to point B, so as long as that happens, we're good. My general mantra has been, It's PRESCHOOL. How bad can they F it up?? Perhaps that's cynical, but I think at this point I'd rather be pleasantly surprised.



Becca said...

Happy, happy birthday, handsome boy!!! I love your decorations - in the next week or two I'll have to shift my own focus and get cracking on Samantha's birthday party stuff. Good luck with the preschool transition!

P said...

Love that mantra--hope it doesn't set up too much catch up for kinder. I think I am done with preschool. Hoping the pinto turns out cool too after all & if they let you hang out in class at all do it & model for them & beg to come if they don't naturally foster this team environment. Communication is my biggest tough spot.

Sweet theme & cool decos & location. Love!

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