Sunday, June 17, 2012

New Beginnings

"They grow up too fast"..."Time flies"..."Savor the moment": All things that people who have traveled the road before you say in regards to raising kids. All true. And yet, no amount of "savoring the moments" will actually slow down time. They do grow up fast. Last week we celebrated Christian's graduation from preschool. We were barely off the premises before he asked if he was going to Kindergarten next. I responded with a tearful Yes, only to realize that he literally wanted to go to Kindergarten RIGHT THEN. As in, let's get in the car and go!

Preschool Graduation2
 Christian with the director of his preschool; Christian and teachers, Kathy & Colleen

The 2012 graduating class celebrated with a special Graduation Field Trip & Picnic. The kids got to ride in a school bus all by themselves (with teacher escorts, of course!) while the (non-petrified) parents drove separately to meet them all at the park.  When the kids walked out of their classrooms in their matching class t-shirts, holding hands and ready to board the bus, they looked so small. I started welling up over the fact that even though my firstborn is already 5, and the "big boy" in our household, he is still a little guy- super excited about a bus ride with his friends and super, super, super (in his words) excited about a new beginning at Kindergarten this year.


I've been assessing where "I'm at" over this last week, and the conclusion I've drawn is that I'm feeling truly happy. I have a slightly reduced work schedule now through to August, which means more quality time with my boys. I have a fabulous group of friends and family, who I am finding a decent balance of time spent with. I'm fairly "angst free" right now, and it feels great. This mood leaves much to be enjoyed, and puts me into a spirit of gratitude for the new beginnings we're about to embark upon. Plus, it's summer! I get almost equally excited about each new season, yet I always find myself caught off guard by the anticipation and excitement of hot, lazier days, during which our biggest decisions revolve around  Sprinklers or Slip and Slide? Watermelon or Strawberries?  Swim Lessons for just one or both boys? Mini Vacation or Staycation?

First days of Summer1



New Beginnings are often a source of anxiety as much as they are of excitement, and the changes we're looking forward to are no exception. This year, I'm embracing it with a smile and a solid knowing in my heart: We're good.  We're happy.

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Kayla said...

They grow up so fast, don't they? That's so cute that he's so excited for kindergarten. Don't you wish they could always be excited for school? :)