Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love is...

Do you wanna know what made my week? These flowers. Sent by my hubby. To the dance studio while I was teaching. For no reason at all.


It is amazing how such a seemingly small gesture could mean so much to me. Charles and I spend so much time "passing the baton" with the kids, the  He comes home from work, I leave. He leaves for work, I stay. It leaves very little time for us. The us portion seems to have gone quite "out the window" at times. Sometimes I don't feel like I'm noticed.  Like I could come in wearing a purple boa and cat face paint, and he would still say, Ok. So, Elijah had 7 oz. at 1pm.  I'll see you at 11pm! without a moments notice to the boa and face paint.  So, it felt extra special to be noticed, and sent flowers.  There is planning in having flowers sent.  That little bit of extra time that really says, I am thinking about you right now. I think that's why women, and particularly myself, enjoy receiving flowers so much.  Yes, it's the beautiful and fragrant arrangement of nature that sits on our coffee tables, but really it is the constant reminder that You were thinking of me.

This week we participated in Christian's first school field trip. It was so simple, but so adorable.  Christian's preschool class made valentines for their families, then sealed them up and for the field trip, we walked to the local post office to mail the valentines.  The kids were so excited to have so many of the Moms & Dads present for the walk, and of course there was the highlight of getting to place their envelope into the mailbox.   (Christian has been very opinionated lately over the fact that we have a mail slot at our house, instead of a mail box. Now I know why. He insists we need the "other kind of mail box" despite my persuasive arguments about the merits of a mail slot.)

Christian preparing his valentine for the mail, passing through the post office to say hi to the postal workers, and finally placing the valentine in the mail box to be mailed.

Christian's class and one of his teachers; Christian and one of his classmates playing with a friend's sibling; and Christian and his friend Wendy. (For awhile, when I would ask him who his friends at school were, he would say, "Wendy. Just Wendy.")  

When I was growing up, my Mom would occasionally cut out a comic clip called "Love is", and stick it on the refrigerator. These comics always had some sort of saying like, "Love is letting her take over the bathroom" (with a drawing of all of "her" laundry strung across the bathroom.) In the name of Valentine's day, I think it is fitting to take a little time for me to reflect on what Love is.

Love IS...

...watching my baby boy grabbing and loving on his Daddy.



...this face.

...watching my boys having fun with each other.

...knowing that even when he doesn't send flowers, he is the perfect mate for me.

...brand new 1200 thread count sheets that will one day actually make it onto the bed.

...a revitalized front flower bed- because me and my boy did it together.

...being able to just sit with your loved ones, so they know you are "there for them".

...scheming, dreaming and planning 2 and a half months in advance for special birthday parties for my little guys.

...being inspired by really good, loving people and vowing to Keep up with THAT and not the "Joneses".

The week was far from ideal. Both my Grandmother and my Best friend were in a hospital for surgeries (Both are recovering well...) Part of my Valentine's day will be spent in the Podiatrist's office getting a corn removed from my foot. Yep. I said it. A corn. I feel so old right now...but, I'm in agony, so it's got to go. There were moments of meltdowns and messes and not listening and not sleeping and not eating (not on my part, of course. My appetite is strong, as usual.) I'm beginning to believe that the tougher day to day challenges make those sweet moments, that much sweeter. Elijah did something simple in his physical therapy appointment this week: he sat up tall and reached up with both hands to grab a toy. I yelped out of excitement and started clapping. I startled Elijah so much, that he nearly fell over. But, I "got" it. The challenges do make it all a little sweeter. Elijah has to work harder and longer to achieve milestones that I never even bothered to jot down in Christian's baby book, but when he gets them? It's thrilling. Lord only knows what will happen when he actually walks. Love is...Love is appreciating the smallest milestone, the smallest moment, the smallest miracle.

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Jesse Rodriguez said...

Jennifer Thank you for sharing part of your life with me (us). Love your blog and the music. I so needed to here and read it at this very moment. So Thank You! I didn't choose to be a parent, but my God above choose me to be a parent to his special people that need strong headed people to guide them here on earth. It a challenge that has changed my Life forever. I have become a better person because of it. So again I Thank You for your blogs, it helps me though days like today. Peace Doll. @-->--------

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